The Heart and The Black Spider

by Thomas Guiducci & The B-Folk Guys

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After nearly a year of recording, scrabbling, mixing, equalizing, mastering as well as investments, effort, gigs, stress, sweat and tears "The Heart and The Black Spider" by Thomas Guiducci & The B-Folk Guys is finally available, following their first EP “Live at Passerano Blues” .
This album was actually conceived much earlier, developing in the mind of Thomas Guiducci for years before he could put the pieces together, find the inspiration, the strength, and the right people to realize it.
The songs are essentially the result of an inner crisis... As it happens to many, in certain
moments of life, you feel inadequate, imprisoned, frightened and you struggle to find your own way. Well, music, family and willpower were the way out and yet, when you get out, you are not the same as you used to be. This album is an attempt to hunt and exorcise fears, problems, depression, unjustified euphoria, strange mind trip, joy, disappointments, moods and hidden desires, it is also what we might call the full artistic maturation of Thomas Guiducci.
The title of the album (Heart and black spider) represents metaphorically the fears of every human being (the spider), which often settle on creating a weight on the heart (sometimes a light weight, sometimes an unbearable one).
Each track on the album, as often happens, is the result of a moment, an emotion, a fear, a life experience.
The cover is black so that the drawing (by Thomas Guiducci as well) hits you powerfully, even causing discomfort. The record is fundamentally a blues album, not only from a “genre” point of view (the album actually winds through folk and blues with a few hints within the country and Irish tradition) but also because of the topics and the feelings described in it.


released December 21, 2012

The record features several great musicians: obviously Thomas Guiducci (author of music, arrangements and lyrics) is behind the microphone, while he also plays guitars, harmonica, kazoo
mandolin, banjo, ukulele, lapsteel, triangle, digital samples, strings, mop and broom handle. We also have Roberto Tatoni playing bass, electric bass and Resonator Bass; Stefano "the Cardinal" Chiappo (leader of Marcellus Pipe) plays horn, Chordette, clavietta(melodica) and percussion while Piero Supino plays drums, cajon and percussions.
The record features also a few special guests: Dario Lombardo (who has worked with many great artists of the Chicago blues scene, in
particular Phil Guy, brother of the great Buddy Guy) plays baritone resonator guitar and worked on the arrangements for "Old Tiger".
Andrea Scagliarini (harmonica player for many artists, including Phil Guy and Homesick James, with countless collaborations) plays the harmonica in a glass of Brandy on "Plenty of Time".
Simone Lombardo (Gai Saber, Ramà, Lo Truc) plays the musette on "I'd Like To Be."
The album is self-produced and was recorded between Studio Blu 2.0 in Turin, Italy and Guiducci’s home studio.
The record (released on 21-12-2012 and presented at the "Circolo dei Malfattori” of Poggio Berni-RN) is available in both the "physical" and "digital" format (currently working on the vinyl release) and you can listen to it and order it from the band's website (music section):



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Thomas Guiducci & The B-Folk Guys Turin, Italy

Thomas Guiducci & the B-Folk Guys is a blues-folk band from Turin (IT). The band has a rich repertoire of re-arranged cover songs and original songs influenced by the great American folk-blues tradition and by some Irish atmospheres. The musical language is a mix of blues, country, folk and jazz. ... more

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